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I Have a Female Admirer – The Final Chapter

This adventure started with an unexpected email from a female admirer. I received another the following day from a different admirer (see my previous postings at and or none of this will make sense) I replied to both and, surprisingly, I received a quick reply from the second girl which actually addressed something that I had written in my email to her. Jenneth’s reply was as follows:

Okay good to hear back from you and am sorry for the wrong spellings I was in a rush when I sent you the mail okay


To which I replied:


That’s certainly okay. I often find myself in a hurry when writing emails to total strangers. In fact, it looks like you’re in a hurry again. 

Well, enough of that. I see you didn’t answer my question from my previous email. Possibly you could address that before we go any further. As you might guess, this is very important to me. 

Waiting in breathless anticipation,


Unfortunately, I have yet to hear back from her. Perhaps I was a bit harsh. No matter. I have received an email from a woman in Benin that is in desperate need of my help. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Until next time
Don’t Look Down


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