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Don’t Look Down – What’s that supposed to mean?  So, like the cartoon character who runs off the cliff and floats in mid-air until he looks down – then poof – he disappears leaving behind a small cloud of smoke. Given the consequences of looking down, I prefer to keep my eyes firmly on the horizon.

On this website, I’ll try to serve you well. I have my trusty blog which will delight and entertain, or just bore the hell out of you. I’ll guess you’ll let me know about that. Also, I’ll post updates to the progress of my books, future release dates and other information regarding promotional activities and other whatnots.

Leave me a comment, share my blog with the world, or browse around a little. It’s all up to you.  But be sure to check back every once in a while for new blog posts or news about my book releases.

» W. Darrah Whitaker

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