Buddy Price

My 2014 Client Wish List

Buddy Price is joining us today again as a guest blogger. As I mentioned before, he’ll step in periodically when I’m too busy to post. He’s an agent based in Hollywood with whom I collaborated on my novel, My Life as a Sperm. He always provides an interesting perspective on things most normal people don’t… Continue reading My 2014 Client Wish List


Balls Out for Christmas (and the New Year)

Did you happen to see the Kmart ad playing recently? A line of guys in boxers ring Jingle Bells with a little wiggle and what we can only imagine are extraordinarily talented testicles. Kudos to the genius ad execs who came up with that one. Because they didn’t hold back, the ad certainly grabbed people’s… Continue reading Balls Out for Christmas (and the New Year)

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A Christmas Story

Recently, a short story challenge was proffered to members of my writing group as part of a Holiday/Christmas Party. Write a short story using ten specified words (see below), read your story to the assembled guests, and the best of the lot wins a prize. I couldn’t resist and below you’ll find the results of my… Continue reading A Christmas Story