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Check out Underground Book Reviews latest issue. My Life as a Sperm has a review this week — chosen Top Pick! — and there’s also an interview avec moi if you’re a glutton for nihilistic self-promotion. Feel free to share. It’s the only way this thing works.

To read the full book review: ->   My Life as a Sperm review   (Top Pick – Five Stars)


Overall, My Life as a Sperm is a great read with excellent writing, editing, and storytelling. Although it would be easy to get preachy or pedantic with the themes he addresses, Whitaker never does, leaving the reader chuckling at Buddy’s exploits, and maybe even pondering good and evil, God and Satan in a new light.


To read the full interview:  ->     William Darrah Whitaker interview


LYNNE: What are some of the main themes you address in My Life as a Sperm, and were those themes intentional, or did they emerge as part of the story?

DARRAH: In general, I knew what I wanted to say when I started – about religion, faith, and the end of the world. So, in that sense, the theme was intentional. However, as many authors know, things morph quite a bit after you start writing. I found myself going down unexpected paths which allowed my main character, Buddy Price, to say so much more. He became a great vehicle to have a lot of fun.




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