Thinking Twice

Immortality – Ten Reasons to Think Twice

What if there were an immortality pill. Would you take it? It would halt your growth at your current age, remove all health issues and you would stay that way forever (or maybe until someone cut off your head, I haven’t really thought this all the way through). Oh, and one more thing. You only have… Continue reading Immortality – Ten Reasons to Think Twice

Off the Wire

Shocking! Proposed Changes in How We Count

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” Such a simple question, but not to two intrepid scientists on the cutting edge of numbers and how we count. Each has their own ideas about what the answer should be even as they both suggest we move away from our base-10 numbering system. Scientist… Continue reading Shocking! Proposed Changes in How We Count

Marketing Ideas... sort of

Marketing Idea #237 – Book Promotion (Planting Clues)

Six months ago, I posted a short story about a man who was lazy and the repercussions he suffered from his lack of effort. Within that story, I planted clues as to the whereabouts of a box in which I stashed a large sum of money destined to the reader who was able to decipher the hidden message. I anticipated… Continue reading Marketing Idea #237 – Book Promotion (Planting Clues)

Marketing Ideas... sort of

Ten Steps to Selling Your Book (and Getting Rich)

If these ten steps to promoting your book are followed properly, you will be guaranteed riches beyond your wildest dreams. It’s called the Whitaker Method (copyrighted, trademarked and patent pending) and may have been used by other successful authors to accomplish their financial goals (or maybe not, you would need to ask). The ten steps are: 1)… Continue reading Ten Steps to Selling Your Book (and Getting Rich)

Sex... sort of

Anthony Weiner Ain’t Got Nothing on Me

Since Anthony Weiner has generated a lot of publicity of late with his antics,  I’ve decided that two can play that game.  However, I don’t want to appear to be behind the times, so I’d rather put a slightly different spin on this sexting thing. I want to be the trendsetter for the next big fad.… Continue reading Anthony Weiner Ain’t Got Nothing on Me


Getting the Party Started

First off, welcome to my blog. Glad you’re here and hope you return. Next, and more importantly, I want to impress on you that I have nothing important to say. Let’s get that out of the way so we all know where we stand. I won’t be wasting your time, and therefore you won’t be wasting… Continue reading Getting the Party Started