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Anthony Weiner Ain’t Got Nothing on Me

Since Anthony Weiner has generated a lot of publicity of late with his antics,  I’ve decided that two can play that game.  However, I don’t want to appear to be behind the times, so I’d rather put a slightly different spin on this sexting thing. I want to be the trendsetter for the next big fad. I’m considering the following options:

* Flexting – naked at the gym
* Hexting – naked while reading Harry Potter
* Multi-plexting – naked at the movies
* Perplexting – naked and in a state of utter confusion
* Chexting – eating breakfast (bathrobe optional)
* Mexicexting – picking up my order of tacos, hold the onions
* Ajaxting – cleaning the kitchen sink —  and admittedly running out of ideas.

Yeah, I want to start the next big craze. In the 50’s, it was how many people can we stuff inside a phone booth. In the  60’s, it was hippies and dropping acid. In the 70’s, we were back on our feet and “streaking”. Well, you get the idea. Each decade had its thing, and we were all guilty of participating in some form or fashion.

Now, we’re Tebowing and planking and sexting and well, bottom line, being just as stupid as we were in the past (although streaking was kind of cool). It was all about being part of the crowd. We find comfort in that. Of course, we all like to think of ourselves as non-conformists, but we still conform when it suits us… as in when we don’t want to appear stupid.

With writing, it’s much the same. Zombies are hot and we fill bookstores full of zombie novels. Or maybe it’s Vampires (there’s nothing sexier than the cool touch of the undead. Am I right?), and so we write about them. In general, there’s nothing wrong with that. But, keep in mind, if you can’t start the wave, then at least put a different spin on it and make it go in another direction.

My second novel, “My Life as a Sperm”, touches on the subject of the end of the world, but with a very different approach (warning – shameless self-promotions will occur periodically – don’t stop reading).

Be a rebel. Lead the crowd. Wear those blue suede shoes before they make a song about them.

Now, I must close because I’m off for some “what nexting”, pondering my next topic — naked, of course.

(My apologies to Denzel, but not to Anthony Weiner)

Until next week – Don’t Look Down.
by William Darrah Whitaker


4 thoughts on “Anthony Weiner Ain’t Got Nothing on Me

  1. OMG, it runs in the family! Great sense of humor, wtroyw.

    D, I think you may have cointexted a new language – and to think, I was just mastering (I will NOT translate THAT WORD into “Textron”) English.

    Well, I bestext be going now. Toodlext!.

  2. Lexting – naked Luther fighting Superman.
    Perplexting – naked, but I’m very confused why.
    Suspexting – naked with anticipation.
    Fedexting – naked while delivering packages.
    Trexting – Spock, put your clothes back on.
    BMXting – only wearing a helmet.

  3. I’m reflecxting on your texting and definitely won’t look down – especially if you’re nakexting! Keep vexting those ditties, though, and I’ll drop by again. Great job, “Bill”.

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