Getting the Party Started

First off, welcome to my blog. Glad you’re here and hope you return.

Next, and more importantly, I want to impress on you that I have nothing important to say. Let’s get that out of the way so we all know where we stand. I won’t be wasting your time, and therefore you won’t be wasting my time (and hurting my feelings) by making harsh comments like “Get a life” or “Tell me something I don’t already know”.

However, if those things I choose to write about do touch a nerve, so much the better. I’m all for setting the bar low. Whatever happens afterward is gravy.

Okay, now let me tell you a few things about what this is about. I’ll write about writing because that’s what I do (for fun – mostly – so far). Also, I’ll write about what I’m writing specifically because I’m going to want you to eventually buy my book because I’m so fricking awesome, and funny, and insightful — and all that other shameless self-promotion BS that will make your skin crawl. But, still, buy the book when it comes out. Don’t worry. I’ll let you know more about that as we go.

I’ll also write on current events, not so current events, my philosophical musings, things that happened to me, my road to perdition and/or publication (sometimes very closely linked) and, last but not least, the most embarrassing moment ever in my entire life. That won’t be until next year, so you’ll have to follow this blog to get that gem.

If you choose to stick around and even revisit, then I’ll do my best to reward you with, well, for a lack of a better word or two — no regrets. Remember my stated intention above is to set the bar pretty damned low. I think I’ve accomplished that.

If I can keep you around that long, then maybe I’m doing something right. And you’ll also have bought my book. Right? Remember?

Until next week – Don’t Look Down.
by William Darrah Whitaker


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