Marketing Ideas... sort of

Ten Steps to Selling Your Book (and Getting Rich)

If these ten steps to promoting your book are followed properly, you will be guaranteed riches beyond your wildest dreams. It’s called the Whitaker Method (copyrighted, trademarked and patent pending) and may have been used by other successful authors to accomplish their financial goals (or maybe not, you would need to ask).

The ten steps are:

1) Write a book.   *

2) Tell six friends that you wrote a book  — this is what I call the “Core Six”.

3) Instruct each of the “Core” to tell six of their friends that you wrote a book — they can be called the “Followers”.

4) Instruct each of the “Followers” to tell six of their friends.   **

5) Repeat Step #4 ten more times. This should generate a sizeable “Network” for you. ***

6) Create a PayPal account.

7) Send an email to each person in your “Network” indicating that your book is for sale and how they can purchase it.

8) Since no one seems to be buying your book, send out a reminder email and also ask that one dollar be sent to your PayPal account because you went to all the trouble of writing a book and sending all these emails, it’s the least they can do.

9) If all goes well, you’ll be independently wealthy and won’t give a crap that no one’s buying your book.

10) ****

*         duh!
**       call them whatever you want, I don’t care
***     we’re looking at around 362,797,056 give or take
****   send me my ten percent commission (it’s called the Whitaker method, remember?)

Until next week – Don’t Look Down
by William Darrah Whitaker


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