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It’s All About the Timing (Social Media)

Since I started posting on various social media, I’ve become more and more curious as to when is the best time to post. I decided to do some research, hitting as many sources on the Internet as I could because, of course, this would give me a broader understanding of what is “best”. I concentrated on… Continue reading It’s All About the Timing (Social Media)

Marketing Ideas... sort of

Marketing Idea #237 – Book Promotion (Planting Clues)

Six months ago, I posted a short story about a man who was lazy and the repercussions he suffered from his lack of effort. Within that story, I planted clues as to the whereabouts of a box in which I stashed a large sum of money destined to the reader who was able to decipher the hidden message. I anticipated… Continue reading Marketing Idea #237 – Book Promotion (Planting Clues)

Marketing Ideas... sort of

Ten Steps to Selling Your Book (and Getting Rich)

If these ten steps to promoting your book are followed properly, you will be guaranteed riches beyond your wildest dreams. It’s called the Whitaker Method (copyrighted, trademarked and patent pending) and may have been used by other successful authors to accomplish their financial goals (or maybe not, you would need to ask). The ten steps are: 1)… Continue reading Ten Steps to Selling Your Book (and Getting Rich)