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It’s All About the Timing (Social Media)

Since I started posting on various social media, I’ve become more and more curious as to when is the best time to post. I decided to do some research, hitting as many sources on the Internet as I could because, of course, this would give me a broader understanding of what is “best”. I concentrated on information regarding Facebook, Twitter and blog posts, and this is what I came away with and would like to share with you. I found it extremely helpful.


Posting is best on weekdays, earlier in the week (preferably Mon or Tues) or weekdays, later in the week (preferably Thur or Fri) or Wednesday at 3pm, but not on weekends. Regarding the time of day, I found that between 1pm and 3pm or between 9am and 7pm is best, but if you can, try early afternoon or after dinner as long as it’s between 6am and 8am or 2pm and 5pm.


Tweeting is best done on the weekend (Fri, Sat, or Sun) or on Monday, too. Time of day is best between 1pm and 3pm unless you’re going for retweets, then the time is best around 5pm, unless you’re going for click-throughs when it’s best around noon or 6pm, but definitely not during rush hours traffic (unless you’re targeting mobile device users and then they’ll be twice as likely to be on then) and not during dinner time (unless you’re targeting kids whose parents don’t care what they’re doing).


Blogging is best on Mondays unless you want people to comment, then Saturdays, unless you want people to share it, then Thursday. Time of day is best in the morning unless you want men to read it, then it’s the evenings.


Your social media strategy should be crystal clear now, and you’re ready to inflate those stats, grab those new followers and go viral. We won’t quibble over time zone differences or whether you live in Asia and your target audience is in the U.S. or…

One certainty is that it’s best not to tweet, post or blog while people are asleep. All sources seem to agree that won’t work.

Based on the above, I will be posting, tweeting and blogging continuously for the next week, every hour on the hour between 6am and 8pm. Yeah, that should do it. Don’t hate me; I’m simply doing what I’ve been told.

Next week, let’s explore how to come up with the best blog posting title ever.

Until then, Don’t Look Down
by W. Darrah Whitaker


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