Thinking Twice

When Will It End?

Yesterday, I found myself sitting at my desk thinking about all the things I had to do for the week (and for the month and year for that matter). I rubbed my face and yelled to no one in particular, “When will it end?”

I waited for an answer, and, lo and behold, one came in the form of the old, proverbial light bulb; ah ha, it’s never going to end, and really, I shouldn’t want it to. If there is no more, if it does end, that probably means I’m teats up and the little wormy things are taking care of business.

I know by now most of you reading this are probably shaking their heads at my lack of insight. You’ve figured this out long before — that it’s the journey, not the destination. I’m the first to agree, I’m a little slow on the uptake, but still, allow me to share what that little Sylvania illuminated for me.

Each task, each project we’re faced with shouldn’t be dealt with as if you can’t wait to get it over with, rather we should enjoy the moment as we progress through life. Remember it’s the journey, not the destination. Without the in-between, there would be no understanding how precious the accomplishment is… unless, of course, if it’s painting a room because I really hate that, or for those still enjoying the thrill, changing a diaper. I do remember it was no fun. Who could enjoy that? (Hint: If you have to hold your nose, it’s not the journey) But other than that… well, maybe, for you guys out there, watching the Sound of Music with your significant other because she asked and, well, you owe her for making her sit through The Expendables last week. That I would think you’d want to get through pretty quickly.

Or standing in line at the DMV, that’s a real pain, or watching for the upteenth time that commercial with that elephant sitting on top of the person’s chest. I hate that. And the one with the guy carrying around a huge jug of his uric acid. Come to think of it, I hate all commercials. If you’ve DVR’d a program, come on, who doesn’t fast-forward through the ads? No one’s enjoying the journey there?

And taking out the trash, no I don’t like that kind of journey. Or doing the laundry or explaining to those nice Scientology folks that my chi or whatever it is they measure is quite okay. Yeah, I’ll skip the demo — that would be a few hours I’d never get back.

How long do I have to listen to Muzak George Benson before customer service answers? And, and… there’s no way all these people only have fifteen items in their grocery cart? Why am I the one who gets in the wrong line? And why does it take so long for people to withdraw money from that ATM,… especially when I’m in a hurry. You know it’s always when I’m in a hurry, too.

No matter how long I stare at that pot, it never seems to want to boil. And, most importantly, am I ever going to win the PowerBall? I’ve been playing like forever.

Yet, I digress — ahem, just remember, it’s all about the journey.

One more thing. When the hell am I going to be discovered?

Until next Time – Don’t Look Down
by W. Darrah Whitaker


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