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Where Are All the New Ideas?

What is it that some say? All the stories have been told, everything done since are simply sequels. Well, I say poppycock! Yeah I said poppycock (a word derived from an old Dutch word which means “as fine as powdered doll shit” – didn’t know they could do that) because it fits within the theme of the topic… which is derivations. Okay?

To me, sequels aren’t so bad (other than Jaws – The Revenge). Since completing my latest novel, I have considered a few ideas stored in the steaming pile of my imagination to be my next one.

Now I will share with you and yours for your opinion:

Alfalfa and Omega

A young black boy discovers he is the second coming of Christ; however his influence on the world is lessened because no one can get beyond his haircut.

Red Twilight

A group of teenage vampires attempt to save their town from an invasion of Russian werewolves. Hmmm. That sounds too similar.

Fifty Shades of Gray

A man deals with his unmanageable hair. After trying multiple hair products, he soon discovers it doesn’t really matter – women are turned on by hair regardless of how badly written styled it is. The fact that he has an S & M dungeon installed in his basements seems to enthrall them as well.

Balls of Fury: In and Out of Asia

A man travels to Thailand and enters a table tennis tournament. He soon realizes that certain women there have a “special” talent with ping pong balls and his hopes for a trophy are soon dashed.

Driving Miss Tuffet

A redo of two classics. The antagonist is no longer a spider. In this version, the conflict is mostly internal. She’s lactose intolerant and can’t seem to keep a chauffeur around for more than a week.

What’s your vote?

Until next week – Don’t Look Down
by William Darrah Whitaker


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