The Santiago Agenda

Alex Groton, an expert in financial software and security protocols, is approached by FBI agents to help track down money stolen from a government bank account. He’s not happy he has to do the job tucked away in a safe house, but when the Vice President of the United States shows up and explains that Alex’s life may be in danger, he decides to play along. The account is linked to a CIA black op that took place fifteen years before, one in which both the VP and Alex’s father were involved – the operation from which Alex’s father didn’t return. Someone wants to expose the VP’s involvement, not a good thing considering he enlisted the help of a Caribbean drug lord at the time. After a security breach, Alex is forced to improvise, not his strong suit, and he must follow the trail that will finally uncover who is behind the plot and what actually happened fifteen years ago.

Not Yet Released…


– Excerpts from The Santiago Agenda


“Your loss,” she said with a waggle of her head and gave her tongue a wet run over her lips for good measure. Her long, red Acrylic fingernails ticked together inches from his face. “Every man needs a diversion once in a while.” She walked away with a wiggle so wide that her hips practically knocked against each opposing wall. An expert at advertising.


“I’ll pour battery acid in your eyes and mix it up like two little milkshakes. I’ll —”
Benny cut her tirade short, stuffing the rag into her mouth. “She don’t really mean it, Tater. She can’t help it.”
“I know, little brother. I know. Nature’s just cruel that way.”


Frank leaned against the car, the smoke from his cigarette trailing upward in a thin stream. Sweat dripped down the sides of his face. He didn’t make an effort to wipe away the rivulets; they would only be replaced by more.


He saw Beltran standing just ahead, his arm hanging like a slab of fresh meat at the butcher shop.


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