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Just Click the Link–Before It’s Too Late

Since I joined Facebook, WordPress, and Twitter, I’ve been inundated with so many ways to improve my life. I would have signed up a lot earlier if I’d only known. I’m now receiving hundreds of emails offering things ranging from dog food coupons to the ability to book my own private jet. I never imagined such opportunities existed; it’s an entryway to a whole new life. What a gold mine the Internet is! Here are some examples of the offers I get… every single day:


  • ERASE your diabetes in just 3 short weeks – All I have to do is watch a video that will explain exactly what I need to do every day to cleanse my pancreas and put me on the fast track to a healthier life, mind and body — in as little as 3 short weeks. I wonder how my pancreas is doing. I hope they can tell me after I click their link.
  • One (1) Strange Trick To Balance Your Blood Sugar – Apparently, there is an epidemic that I’m not aware which these people are bringing to our attention. They ask me if I’m fatigued. I find that extremely thoughtful. No one else asks me that on a daily basis, yet they inquire, sometimes two or three times a day. Ah, there’s that link which will tell me all about it.
  • Magic nutrient will lower blood pressure! – And end my nerve pain relief. Just click on the link that will take me to their website – Sounds tasty. Let me click it.
  • Milk worse than smoking – They tell me the following in their informative email – “It’s a conspiracy between the U.S. Government and some of the largest food producers in America. This topic is so controversial, Fox News banned a story on it. It’s so serious, that many will look to impeach Obama over this.” That’s interesting. If this story could get Obama impeached, you’d think Fox News would certainly want to show it. Sounds a little cheesy. Plus I like milk. I don’t think I’ll click that link.


  • Mom makes more than 7 grand per Month from her apartment – This email asks me “With all the negative publicity towards work from home programs, the question is… which ones are real and which ones are SCAMS?” I can’t wait for them to tell me. Where’s that link?
  • Prediction: Largest Economic Opportunity of the 21st Century –  And for only 21 cents, they tell me I can own a company that will become the most valuable in the world. I’d better hurry, they tell me. I might miss out.
  • Open to view exciting medical billing & coding education programs – Let me click that link to a website called Sounds a lot like medical stuff.
  • Online Doctorate – Yours Now! – My mom always wanted me to be a doctor. They tell me to click a link to see an image. Maybe it’s the diploma I’m about to get.


  • Offers, Tips, Advice and Deals for: Business Phone System – Their link is I do appreciate that they want to give me a hand.
  • Your Exclusive Personal Invitation – Finally, I’m being recognized. I want to let everyone know I’ve been invited to be included in the 2014 Who’s Who Among Executives and Professionals. It’s exclusive, you know.
  • $1000-PreQualified. Direct Deposit to your account – No: 6775804 – Someone is willing to give me $1000 in as little as an hour. These guys sure are trusting. And how did they know my account number?
  • Save – Save – Save – I can save 70% off dog food, 90% off Ray-Ban sunglasses, and 50% off new and used cars in my area. Find out what else. Just click that link before it’s too late.

If I’m not mistaken, with all these helpful people out there, it shouldn’t be too long before we solve all those nagging health and financial problems we’ve suffered from for so many years. The Internet has provided an efficient way to disseminate so much information.

All the answers we need at the tip of our finger… or just a click of our mouse.

Until Next Time – Don’t Look Down
by W. Darrah Whitaker


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