Sex... sort of

Who’s the Hardest Twerking Woman in Show Business Now?

And we all know who that is. It’s a shame Miley’s been getting such rotten press lately. I think some who don’t twerk as hard at promoting their careers are jealous that she’s getting so much attention. Move over Tina with your shimmy shake. There’s a new girl in town.

I think most people were more comfortable when she was a Disney child star with that “adorable” little laugh of hers. But everyone grows up. I think she’s just trying harder than most to prove she has. Understandable, considering the image she has had to overcome. I find it amusing when so many pundits feel the need to analyze the reasons behind all her recent activities. Personally, I think it’s only a phase she’s going through. Probably has some issues she must twerk out.

Maybe all she needs is a good tongue-lashing. No, seriously, someone needs to tie her tongue up so that it stays in her mouth. I have to look away.

Okay, sorry for the rant. I just needed to twerk it out of my system. More important stuff next week.

By the way, I hear she has a new video in the twerks with Justin Bieber (who’s a twerp, not to be confused with twerk) entitled — well, you know.

Don’t hate, appreciate (that it’s not your daughter)

Until next time – Don’t Look Down
by William Darrah Whitaker


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