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When Will It End?

Yesterday, I found myself sitting at my desk thinking about all the things I had to do for the week (and for the month and year for that matter). I rubbed my face and yelled to no one in particular, “When will it end?” I waited for an answer, and, lo and behold, one came in the form… Continue reading When Will It End?


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It’s All About the Timing (Social Media)

Since I started posting on various social media, I’ve become more and more curious as to when is the best time to post. I decided to do some research, hitting as many sources on the Internet as I could because, of course, this would give me a broader understanding of what is “best”. I concentrated on… Continue reading It’s All About the Timing (Social Media)


It Just Makes Me Want to…

1) Silence is the virtue of fools – Francis Bacon 2) Better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt – Mark Twain I tend toward #2, but as a writer, I can’t survive without cracking the egg a little. When the words do spill out on… Continue reading It Just Makes Me Want to…

Thinking Twice

I Got Your Comments Right Here

I have my opinion. You have yours. In most cases this works, except in bars near closing time or with my ex-wife because we both know whose opinion really counted (one hint, it wasn’t mine). It especially works on the internet. Free expression. Where else can you find it if not there and maybe also dog groomers?… Continue reading I Got Your Comments Right Here

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Man of Steel – What?!?

I recently rented the movie “The Man of Steel” and couldn’t have been more disappointed. I liked the reimagining of the reason Superman made it to Earth and the challenges he faced growing up and dealing with us humans. The problem I ran into began with the arrival of General Zod. Pretty much the last third… Continue reading Man of Steel – What?!?

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My 2014 Client Wish List

Buddy Price is joining us today again as a guest blogger. As I mentioned before, he’ll step in periodically when I’m too busy to post. He’s an agent based in Hollywood with whom I collaborated on my novel, My Life as a Sperm. He always provides an interesting perspective on things most normal people don’t… Continue reading My 2014 Client Wish List


Balls Out for Christmas (and the New Year)

Did you happen to see the Kmart ad playing recently? A line of guys in boxers ring Jingle Bells with a little wiggle and what we can only imagine are extraordinarily talented testicles. Kudos to the genius ad execs who came up with that one. Because they didn’t hold back, the ad certainly grabbed people’s… Continue reading Balls Out for Christmas (and the New Year)

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A Christmas Story

Recently, a short story challenge was proffered to members of my writing group as part of a Holiday/Christmas Party. Write a short story using ten specified words (see below), read your story to the assembled guests, and the best of the lot wins a prize. I couldn’t resist and below you’ll find the results of my… Continue reading A Christmas Story

Thinking Twice

Erectile Dysfunction – A State of Mind (Control)

[Note from WDW:  I’ve been busy of late which doesn’t bode well for timely postings. However, my friend, Buddy Price, has agreed to step in as a guest blogger. I’ve known him for several years and we get along well. He’s worked in Hollywood as an agent for over a decade so he’s got some… Continue reading Erectile Dysfunction – A State of Mind (Control)