Thinking Twice

I Do and I Don’ts

Now for some “I Do and I Don’ts”  – my way of clearing my head of random thoughts. Sure, we’re not supposed to use ‘and’ or ‘but’ so much, but sometimes, you just can’t help yourself.  You should try it… I do think I should plan for my retirement, but I don’t think I’ll ever actually… Continue reading I Do and I Don’ts


Things Aren’t What They Seem

I took this picture a few years back when on a trip to the L.A. Zoo with my kids. Only afterward, when sorting through my shots for the day did I run across this remarkable act. Once I looked closer, it was clear what was really going on. The same is true about many things… Continue reading Things Aren’t What They Seem


Words to Watch For

Before you let that novel go out into the world to be torn apart, do some of that yourself. When writing your first draft, it’s a matter of getting the words out, not right. But don’t let those unnecessary words stick around. Sometimes a simple search in your manuscript will open your eyes. Here are a… Continue reading Words to Watch For

Thinking Twice

Where Are All the New Ideas?

What is it that some say? All the stories have been told, everything done since are simply sequels. Well, I say poppycock! Yeah I said poppycock (a word derived from an old Dutch word which means “as fine as powdered doll shit” – didn’t know they could do that) because it fits within the theme… Continue reading Where Are All the New Ideas?

Thinking Twice

W$%t*#g? WTF!

Writing begins with spelling. As Dr. Richard Gentry so eloquently put (if not egregiously wrote) in his scientific paper, The Science of Spelling – The Explicit Specifics that Make Great Readers and Writers (and Spellers!): “Automatic and correct mastery of appropriate words at each grade level aids spellers in developing knowledge and predictability of … blah… Continue reading W$%t*#g? WTF!

Thinking Twice

Ten Easy Steps to Six-Pack Flabs!

Got six-pack flabs? That belly full of jelly? Not yet? For those who want more in girth as in life, read on. Follow these ten simple steps and you’ll launch that paunch in no time. 1) Stop exercising. The rest is all downhill. 2) Cut down on fruit and vegetables. Eat a Fruit-Rollup if you’re craving strawberries. For… Continue reading Ten Easy Steps to Six-Pack Flabs!

Sex... sort of

Who’s the Hardest Twerking Woman in Show Business Now?

And we all know who that is. It’s a shame Miley’s been getting such rotten press lately. I think some who don’t twerk as hard at promoting their careers are jealous that she’s getting so much attention. Move over Tina with your shimmy shake. There’s a new girl in town. I think most people were more comfortable when she… Continue reading Who’s the Hardest Twerking Woman in Show Business Now?

Thinking Twice

Immortality – Ten Reasons to Think Twice

What if there were an immortality pill. Would you take it? It would halt your growth at your current age, remove all health issues and you would stay that way forever (or maybe until someone cut off your head, I haven’t really thought this all the way through). Oh, and one more thing. You only have… Continue reading Immortality – Ten Reasons to Think Twice

Off the Wire

Shocking! Proposed Changes in How We Count

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” Such a simple question, but not to two intrepid scientists on the cutting edge of numbers and how we count. Each has their own ideas about what the answer should be even as they both suggest we move away from our base-10 numbering system. Scientist… Continue reading Shocking! Proposed Changes in How We Count

Marketing Ideas... sort of

Marketing Idea #237 – Book Promotion (Planting Clues)

Six months ago, I posted a short story about a man who was lazy and the repercussions he suffered from his lack of effort. Within that story, I planted clues as to the whereabouts of a box in which I stashed a large sum of money destined to the reader who was able to decipher the hidden message. I anticipated… Continue reading Marketing Idea #237 – Book Promotion (Planting Clues)